Spain is absolutely wonderful- this country has everything a soul could desire for a great vacation: friendly people, refreshing Sangrias, delicious Paellas and sandy beaches. Unfortunately most of us tend to choose only  the most well-known places such as Barcelona, Madrid or Marbella. But Spain also has other genuine pearls, which are not that famous- one of them is city named Granada.

Granada is a city in the south of Spain, in Andalusia. The nearest airports are Federico García Lorca Airport (about 14 km from the city center) and Malaga Airport (about 130 km).

Granada is known as a University city and is very popular among foreign students.

The city`s real gem is the Alhambra Castle, which is one of the most important historical buildings in Spain. Certainty is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, together with its Generalife gardens and the historic Albaicin district in the city. Alhambra tickets are in high demand, and in high season tickets should be booked at least a month in advance. I should say that the structure of the Alhambra is quite confusing, so in order that you will not miss anything and to avoid lengthy queues, it would be safest to go with a guide and book your ticket through a travel agency.

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Tour calendar can be found here

GrupoXplorer offers guided tours in English and Spanish and you can also order a transport that will take you to Alhambra and back.
The tour will last for three hours. Make sure to stay hydrated and take a sunscreen with you cause it could get very hot 😉 but it is all worth it!

What makes this city even more special is it`s location- You are able to enjoy the beach during the day (the nearest larger beach is approximately 1 hour drive away), and end your day making snowballs and skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Also Granada is one of the few Spanish cities which still has the tradition to serve free tapas (snacks) with each glass of  Sangria.

I am so fascinated about this city, and even after three weeks of adventures, I still find new places to discover.

Alhambra at night

Alhambra at night

Generalife gardens in Alhambra

Generalife gardens in Alhambra


Girls in traditional Flamenco dresses

Catedral de Granada

Cathedral de Granada

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