We arrived to Granada for three weeks practice. In our free time we visit town with our group but sometimes we do it alone. At the first day after work we saw Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Around it is many posts where you can buy various souvenirs. There are many restaurant where you can eat Typical Spanish food and Foreign delicacies too. In Granada you can find a few source of drinking water from mountains. There are beautiful parks where you can find fountains. We were At the lookout point from which you can see the whole city. The city Is surrounded mountains.


The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The lookout point in Granada.


We were at the trip in two beautiful Spanish Towns. First we were in Frigiliana, It is located on a hill. The roads are there Narrow and steep. Most house in this city are white which looks really beautiful.  We were at the lookout point from which you can see the whole city, at the small church and we saw many pretty streets. There are many shops where you can buy their traditional wines, honey, jams and olive oil.

Nerja is a town located by the Alboran sea. We have been On the balcony of Europe from which you can see amazing view at the beach. Similar at Frigiliana most house are white but Nerja is bigger and modern. There are stone beach and very clear water.


Nerja – The few from balcony of Europe.